Hi there. I'm an average school girl with an obsession with Tay and the rest of WATIC. This page will mostly be filled with EXTREME CUTENESS

Playlist Live is about two weeks from now, so I figured I’d do a giveaway for you all! I’m going this year and I know how much it made my day to get a video from my favorite youtuber last year. 

what you get:

a video from your favorite youtuber attending Playlist
if you’re chosen, I will message you asking your favorite youtuber from this list and what you want them to say to you!
it can be anything really as long as it’s not insulting or demeaning
really just use your best judgement

how to enter:

ONE like ONE reblog
tumblr won’t show me in the total notes if you reblog more than once so it really won’t help you
I’m doing this for my followers so mbf queenallydia
that’s all!
this will end 9pm EST March 19, two days before Playlist begins, so that gives you exactly 2 weeks to reblog this! I’ll pick a random person then and message them that night! Keep in mind that you have about 1 day to respond, so plan on checking tumblr then to see if you won.


Hello friends.
I am giving away ONE new (like I literally just opened it) Medium, Green, Camp Takota Baseball Tee
You don’t have to be following me but idk it would be nice don’t you think
Likes and reblogs and whatever. Reblog as many times as you want. (No giveaway blogs pls)
I will ship anywhere (except like mars or something because p&p for that is expensive)
You have up until the 3rd of February to enter! (So hopefully you’ll get in time for when the movie is released)
Winner will be chosen at random
Feel free to inbox me any ?s
Winner will be contacted on February 4th so keep your ask/submit open!
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I’m a new WATIC fan blog (created by tainted-by-the-real-world.tumblr.com) and I’d really appreciate it if you guys could follow me? Thanks :D

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